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Blogs | 05/12/2019
Expanding an IWMS with smart building technology

This blog explains how Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) developed in recent years, the changing benefits of an IWMS over time and what the evolution of an IWMS means for smart building technology today? 

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Blogs | 21/11/2019
CAFM and IWMS - the start of the journey towards smart building technology

This blog is about the early days of CAFM and IWMS. The first generation of integrated solutions was considered a big step forward, but integration with buildings and smart building technology to the extent we see today was way beyond imagination. 

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Blogs | 24/03/2016
Comparison websites: will we soon be comparing IWMS suppliers online?

You know those comfy chairs that you sometimes see in shops, right by the fitting rooms? They are simply a great idea. ‘This shop manager gets it’ I always think… 

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Blogs | 12/03/2015
Board room buy-in: Tips for real estate and facility managers

All too often real estate and facility managers are excluded from board room decisions, or added as an after thought once core decisions have been made. Considering buildings are often a… 

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Blogs | 28/10/2014
Three requirements for professional Space Management

CAFM software supports space and facility managers to use and plan their space in the best possible way. In practice, CAFM suppliers offer different software solutions for… 

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Blogs | 09/09/2014
Software is like house building

We have been building houses since time immemorial. The building – or development – of software is a discipline dating back only a few decades. Despite their difference in… 

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Blogs | 19/08/2014
Maintenance Management viewed through digital glasses

Imagine a world in which everything and everyone is linked together. A world where digital information is always available and everything is measurable… where machines automatically report… 

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Blogs | 29/07/2014
Facilities management and social media - what do you need to know?

In any industry that changes as rapidly as facilities management, it is vital to keep track of the latest news and developments. In the 'old days' traditional media would be the first source of… 

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Blogs | 17/06/2014
Are you - as facility or property manager - focusing on the right things?

“Thank you for all the great work you’ve done this year. Can you do the same next year, but with ten percent less budget?”. If you recognise this question, you might ask yourself whether… 

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