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Blogs | 16/01/2020
Operating the smart campus

With an integrated campus management system, universities can take a proactive approach to integrating new technologies on campus. 

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Blogs | 09/01/2020
In search of an ‘intelligent’ campus

This blog explores the evolution of the smart campus into an intelligent campus and the potential benefits this provides for campus managers. 

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Blogs | 24/05/2018
How service providers can automate maintenance management processes

When service providers want to professionalise their maintenance management processes, there are three vital sources of information required. 

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Blogs | 17/05/2018
How advanced are organisations with the digitalisation of their maintenance processes?

Digitising maintenance processes is 'hot'. But how advanced are organisations with this and what do maintenance and facility managers in particular want to improve? 

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Blogs | 26/04/2018
Digitalising field service operations? Get started today!

Efficient field service management is more than just digital work order dispatching from the back office to internal trades or external field technicians. The opportunities in field service operations to improve reliability, safety and operational profitability are endless. 

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Blogs | 29/03/2018
6 issues you can easily avoid by digitalising your maintenance operations

Are you still using manual processes for handling maintenance management? The following six issues can easily be avoided through digitalisation of your maintenance operations. 

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Blogs | 23/02/2017
Responsiveness to change: Mobile for Facility Management

Facility managers find new capabilities with emerging technologies such as web-based software frameworks and a new generation of field-service applications. 

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Blogs | 10/12/2015
Why apps want to know everything about you

Apps often ask access to your photos, location and contacts. Disclaimers displayed when apps are downloaded are hardly ever read, but people do like to use... 

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Blogs | 24/09/2015
Is a field engineer ever actually offline?

A field engineer without a mobile or internet connection in 2015 is a bit like someone going on road trip without a sat nav. You know you could probably manage without it, but in reality you… 

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