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Blogs | 12/05/2016
Buildings at the service of the people

A building that tells you what it needs sounds very futuristic. The reality is that this vision of the future is closer than you might think. So-called smart buildings offer… 

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Blogs | 21/04/2016
The Cloud, a passing technical fad?

Everyone’s talking about the Cloud. Until recently, I thought it was just a passing technical fad. Just like a few years ago, when suddenly everything had to be web-based. It… 

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Blogs | 31/03/2016
Are you smarter than a smart meter?

For more than a decade the utility industry has been in transition. The expansive introduction and implementation of smart meters that report consumption… 

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Blogs | 03/03/2016
What can the iPhone teach us about real estate benchmarking?

Every time Apple announces the launch of a new iPhone, it usually sparks differing reactions. On the one hand, the iPhone becomes an instant success and people… 

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Blogs | 25/02/2016
How the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin still resonates within Facilities Management today

Have you heard of the old German legend of Pied Piper? It was first told in the middle ages. This is the story of a piper who owns a magic pipe, and who lures… 

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Blogs | 18/02/2016
What does the word ‘smart’ actually mean (and why a ‘smart meter’ isn’t ‘smart’)?

Some of my best friends in the profession work in marketing. Before you read any further: I am not just talking about the marketers who work for Planon. Some of them... 

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Blogs | 04/02/2016
Smart travelling / Smart working

As a student I was pretty good at sensing just where to stand on the platform to line up with the train doors. That meant that no matter how… 

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Blogs | 14/01/2016
No bad blood in the workplace with technology from Spectre

Injecting nanotechnology into someone’s blood to track where he/she is physically as well as their mental state; is it really science fiction? In the latest Spectre movie… 

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Blogs | 31/12/2015
How innovation helped me be more efficient with my Christmas shopping

I received an unexpected call the day before Christmas. When I hung up, the guest list for my Christmas dinner now included four more names… 

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