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Asset & Maintenance Management Essentials Edition

An overview of all your assets at one glance

To meet the specific needs of different markets, Planon software is available in two versions: the Enterprise Solution and the Essentials Edition. The Essentials Edition is a Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) product that is typically suited to medium sized organizations that need a solution that offers standardized and simplified functionality for common CRE and FM business processes.

In this short demo video, watch a brief overview of the Asset & Maintenance Management solution of the Essentials Edition.

The Asset & Maintenance module of the Essentials Edition captures the following relevant information in a single, integrated database:

  • Facility information
  • Maintenance activities
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Health & safety checklists
  • Supplier information

The software helps you with service plans, maintenance orders and workflows to keep your buildings and facilities in the desired technical and functional condition to support the organization's goals.
In this video, see dashboards, the CAD integrator, and the lifecycle of a maintenance order and how it presents itself to the user of the software.

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