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Blog | 02/23/2017
Responsiveness to change: Mobile for Facility Management

Facility managers find new capabilities with emerging technologies such as web-based software frameworks and a new generation of field-service applications. 

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Blog | 02/16/2017
BIM: Big Information Mess?

Because of its complexity, BIM technology has yet to be widely adopted, but industries such as facility management are starting to see its great potential. 

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Blog | 02/09/2017
Are you ready for the Internet of Money?

Major technological advances, such as programmable, digital currencies; smart, self-executing and self-enforcing contracts; and ownerless block chain ledgers are all changing the way we look at money, and in turn, changing the way we conduct business. All industries will be affected by this new layer of the internet, often called the Internet of Money or the Internet of Value, but none has more potential to be transformed than real estate. 

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Blog | 02/02/2017
Who should own the Building Internet of Things?

As more IoT-related responsibilities arise and mature, so does the need for a new role that blends IT and Facility Management to manage them. 

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Blog | 01/26/2017
Don’t invest blindly in building expansion

Universities often struggle with the topic of space as it relates to the increasing number of students. So, how can they optimize the occupancy of the available space and facilities? 

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Blog | 01/12/2017
Point Solution or Integrated Solution | Four different perspectives

Different challenges need different software solutions. Which perspective fits you best and suits your long term goals? 

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Blog | 12/22/2016
Point Solutions or Integrated Solution - Important differences

Many organizations are recognizing the growing need for a software solution for Facility and Real Estate Management. However, when it comes to choosing the right solution, there are so many options, which can make the process of selecting one challenging. So, what actually makes these software solutions different from each other? Moreover, what differentiators are relevant to your specific choice? 

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Blog | 12/08/2016
The Internet of Things breaks down the barrier between creative capacity and actual innovation

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), many devices are equipped with sensors that generate a wealth of data, also known as big data. What does that mean for the way scientist conduct research? And what new insight and innovations does all this data deliver? 

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Blog | 11/17/2016
Facility Managers and Football: Great preparation is half the work

Being the head coach of a football team is about more than just directing and managing the players when it’s game time. The coach must always be aware of the players’ health and well-being. He must also know his opponents and produce a new... 

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Blog | 11/03/2016
Why having a choice in when and where to work matters

No one likes being stuck. The awful sinking feeling you get when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Or the thought in your head that won’t translate into a... 

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Blog | 10/27/2016
How my own car shows IoT is fulfilling its promise

Deploying IoT using sensors ensures that the building is always in good condition. With fixed service intervals you are often far removed from the optimum. Scheduled maintenance can lead... 

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Blog | 10/07/2016
Give your reception process a glimmer of Disney magic

Anyone who has visited a Disney Park knows that it is all about the experience created.. It all starts off at the cash register with the music you hear, and continues as you recognize the costumes and the animated cartoon figures walking around like they... 

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