Blogs | 10/03/2016
The student as an engaged stakeholder in facilities management

For many years, considerable research has been conducted to determine what factors drive a student’s decision when choosing a school. Colleges and universities… 

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Blogs | 18/02/2016
What does the word ‘smart’ actually mean (and why a ‘smart meter’ isn’t ‘smart’)?

Some of my best friends in the profession work in marketing. Before you read any further: I am not just talking about the marketers who work for Planon. Some of them... 

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Blogs | 04/02/2016
Smart travelling / Smart working

As a student I was pretty good at sensing just where to stand on the platform to line up with the train doors. That meant that no matter how… 

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Blogs | 16/07/2015
Your building is smarter than you think

In German trains the availability of seats is shown on a small screen, using the reservations information. Travellers getting aboard without a booking can see whether a seat has been reserved for... 

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Blogs | 02/12/2014
Help! A robot is going to steal my job

The 2012 Swedish television series Äkta människor (aired in English-speaking countries as Real Humans) shows how society has to adapt after the arrival of commercial robots. In the series… 

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