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Mognadsmodell för Space Management

Vill du upptäcka vilka åtgärder du kan vidta för att förbättra mognadsnivån för din Space Management? Hämta sedan Planons ”Mognadsmodell för Space Management”.

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White Papers
People meeting in the green office

Operating a Campus of the Future

Learn how to equip your team with the right integrated campus management solution to achieve goals around productivity, cost effectiveness, compliance, innovation, sustainability, and student experience.

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Analytiska rapporter
University balconies with glass windows.

Defining the Needs of a Campus of the Future

In this report, a panel of higher education experts define the needs of a campus management system and give recommendations on how to tackle challenges around people, place, technology, education, and economics, which are all shaping the campus of the future.

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Zoom in on a man's eye with digital icons around

How AI changes occupant experience

The interaction of humans with technology has changed. What seems to be emerging more and more is the ‘smart environment’, in which a place, such an office, can hear us and see us, and take actions without our explicit intervention.

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People with graphics and tablets discussing data analytics

Unlock greater real estate value with analytics

Planon hosted a webinar with practical examples of how reporting and analytics can contribute to your strategic real estate and facility management objectives. English 32:01

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Agile Workplace Management

Den här inspelningen på sju minuter innehåller information om Agile Workplace Management som hjälper dig att optimera användningen av dina utrymmen och tjänster i en ständigt föränderlig arbetsmiljö.

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Glass midrise office building with colorful windows reflecting the sky

Planon's IWMS software

Meet with a real estate and facility management specialist to discuss your business needs and discover if Planon’s IWMS software solutions are a good fit for your organisation.

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Two persons discussing work and taking notes.

How new lease accounting standards will impact your business

There have been a lot of changes in lease accounting since 2019. Starting 1 January 2019, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) implemented new standards, ASC 842 and IFRS 16 respectively. Download a free copy of this FAQ to get an overview of five frequently asked questions about lease accounting and our answers to them.

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White Papers
Colleagues discussing BIM

Use your data to prove the value of corporate real estate and facility management

This 11-page white paper helps you decide what – and how – to measure, analyse and report on real estate and facility management data.

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Group of people sitting around a desk and talking about data

A conversation about employee productivity 2.0: ‘human performance’

These are turbulent times for Real Estate and Facility Managers. In this blog we dive into the conversation we had with Dr. Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Corporate Research with JLL and talk about the trends and metrics that will matter soon.

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Man crouched using phone

Key takeaways shared by Real Estate experts

To inspire business leaders and real estate professionals all over the world about how CRE can contribute to the corporate business strategy, we are organising a podcast series.25:53 English, 24:31 English

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overview of digital icons like social media and devices

How technology is changing real estate management

Technology will reshape real estate into Real Estate 4.0; buildings with a focus on technology that enable organisations to use and share workspace in ways we can barely imagine!

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White Papers
Modern glass low rise office with some orange brick

Capital Project Management

This white paper discusses the increasing need for Capital Project Management in Real Estate, Sustainability and Maintenance Management. It explains the different phases of Capital Project Management and focuses specifically on financial aspects such as funding, budgets, commitments, cashflow and forecasting.

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Smart buildings with datastream in Tokyo

Definitive Guide to AI in FM

Artificial intelligence is no longer in the world of science fiction—or only in the world of expensive academic R&D. In fact, we are at the end of a decades-long transition to incorporating AI into the world of buildings. Click through this interactive white paper to learn more about applications of artificial intelligence for commercial service providers, and test your knowledge of the risks and benefits of this technology.

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White Papers

What is the added value of the Internet of Things for Real Estate and Facility Management?

The 'Internet of Things' is probably one of the most discussed phenomena these days. What is the added value of IoT for Real Estate and Facility Management?

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