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Social Physics

The following article will discuss the content of Professor Alex Pentland's book ‘Social Physics’ and apply some of its takeaways to the field of Facility Management (FM). It can be considered as an extension of the book and we invite you to acquire the complete publication and to find out more about 'Social Physics'.

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White Papers

CAFM - Getting the Board on Board

The many advantages of CAFM software are often clear to Facility and Real Estate Managers (reduced costs, greater efficiency and accurate reporting), but getting buy-in from your board to invest in Computer Aided Facility Management can be a challenge.

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How to guide - How to make software demos work

Are you considering purchasing an IWMS? Or planning to replace your existing CAFM software as it doesn’t meet your needs? In both cases a well thought purchase process starts with understanding your requirements, writing the business case, setting a budget, allocating resources and building a solid project plan including a vendor selection procedure.

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Guide - så här gör du för att påskynda hanteringen av felrapporter

Det är en utmaning för många företag att få arbetsorder gjorda i tid. Den här guiden innehåller steg till att korta ner handläggningstiderna för underhållsarbete.

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White Papers
View on garden and greenhouse building.

ERP versus IWMS

Based on three different perspectives (business, IT and investment), this White Paper is a guide to help you make a sound choice to suit your long-term goals, and to reduce any risk of failure during implementation and operation goals, and to reduce any risk of failure during implementation and operation.

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