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Planon launched a publication to guide CRE & FM experts in implementing an IWMS

Planon published “A quest for excellence: Guidance for CRE & FM executives implementing a global IWMS.”

8 October 2015 – Six IWMS experts co-wrote “A quest for excellence: Guidance for CRE & FM executives implementing a global IWMS,” a publication by Planon. The new book, authored by Bram Aarntzen, Geert-Jan Blom, Erik Jaspers, David Stillebroer, Koos van Rij and Marc Wetzelaer, is a complete guide focusing on their experiences of implementing global corporate real estate and facilities management software in complex cross-cultural environments.

Over the decades, corporate real estate and facilities management information systems evolved into the extensive systems that they are today, sup
porting the full scope of CRE and FM activities. The authors, all having spent their careers in corporate real estate and facilities management, have seen implementation projects grow in terms of scope and the number of stakeholders involved.

“Roll-outs for internationally operating organisations take implementation projects to yet another level,” said Erik Jaspers. “Diversity in cultures, legislation, languages spoken, metric units, and currencies represent significant factors to prepare for. Not only should the software support these differences technically, they should also be taken into account during the implementation of CRE and FM processes.”

Planon launched a new publication to guide CRE and FM experts on their journey to implementing an international IWMS.

Planon - founded in 1982 - recognises these difficulties, which is why it decided to publish this book. The publication will share experiences and insights from customers and external market specialists from different countries. Pierre Guelen, CEO and founder of Planon, states, “Implementing global processes and a worldwide system in a complex multicultural environment is certainly not easy. However with our 33 years of experience and our international footprint we believe we can explain exactly how to do this successfully.”

The publication gives the reader a clear path towards the most important elements which play a role in implementing and using an IWMS system on a global basis. Pierre Guelen continues: “We believe that by sharing the ideas and experiences gathered in this publication we can help the reader on their path to establish truly global CRE and FM processes and guide them in successfully selecting, implementing and operating an international IWMS.”

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