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Planon launches new IWMS platform - Planon Universe

~ Planon launches new cloud based IWMS platform that unifies all workplace stakeholders ~

11 May 2015 - Today, Planon launches Planon Universe, a fully cloud based IWMS platform that offers organisations role-based interactions within one single technology. Business users, real estate managers, back office specialists, engineers, and even service providers are unified in one integrated platform. The platform provides them with relevant and easy to use functionalities on the device of their choice.

“We enter a new era of IWMS software ergonomics.” said Pierre Guelen, CEO and founder of Planon. “One size does not fit all anymore and people expect context sensitive and intuitive interactions on devices that suit their specific needs.”

Organisations can immediately benefit from role-based interactions as it ensures the highest user acceptance, chain integration, and end-to-end control in any real estate or facility management process.

Planon Universe includes the Accelerator best practices, a new innovative e-learning environment and smart project collaboration tools. It also includes a full integration with sensor technology that allows organisations to improve the occupancy and utilisation of their workspaces and meeting rooms. Planon Universe comes by default with a secure cloud deployment. Organisations can therefore reduce their IT costs drastically and jump-start their implementation.

“Our investment in research and development continuously exceeds the industry benchmark. With its cloud deployment, Planon Universe allows us to deliver our customers with a continuous stream of innovations, more easily and faster than ever before” said Pierre Guelen. “Combined with a new pay-per-use model, organisations gain maximum flexibility in both the use and the deployment of Planon Universe, now and in the future.”

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