The Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology

26 April 2017 - The IFMA IT Community and the computer-aided facility management (CAFM) working group of the German Facility Management Association (GEFMA) have released an updated edition of the popular book, “The Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology.” Planon is proud to announce that Erik Jaspers, responsible for Product Strategy and Innovation at Planon, co-wrote chapter 18 of the new edition.

An international team of more than 20 respected authors produced the book’s content, making this comprehensive subject and textbook an authoritative resource for the facilities management profession. Planon recommends reading this book to explore the latest IT trends that will impact FM.

The book presents a current, impartial, and comprehensive look at how Information Technology (IT) and FM have become inextricably bound together in the modern workplace. Exploring the evolving relationship between IT and FM, this book is a text that can be used by students as well experienced facility managers. As a result, the authors intend the text to be used as both a teaching and a reference tool for educational organisations and corporations alike. This text also covers the latest advancements in facilities management automation and provides a guide for implementing them successfully.

The second edition is now available for purchase online via Amazon and Create Space.

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