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Planon Lifecycle Services

Services ensuring continuity and successful utilisation of your Planon solution

After a successful implementation of your Planon solution, the phase of utilising, operating and maintaining the software, and its configuration, starts.

This so-called ‘lifecycle phase’ is as equally important as the implementation phase. It determines the continuity and evolution of your solution and asks for alignment of the configuration, processes and technology with the continuously changing requirements of your business. All these aspects drive further acceptance and the embedding of the Planon solution in your organisation, resulting in best value for money and tangible benefits.

Planon offers a series of services that unburden organisations during the full solution lifecycle. With these services, Planon brings the required experience, knowledge and continuity to aim for the optimum in utilising your Planon solution. At the same time, these services reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your Planon solution, and increase the flexibility and scalability of your organisation.

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