Getting IFRS 16 compliant in only four months:An example from Refresco, KPMG and Planon.

Refresco, the world´s largest independent producer of juices and soft drinks, has more than 1,800 leased assets worldwide. In order to get compliant with the new IFRS 16 lease accounting standards, all external reports needed to comply with the new regulations. In this case study you will gain information about how IFRS 16 has been implemented by KPMG at Refresco using Planon´s lease accounting software solution. You will learn:

  • How Refresco became IFRS 16 compliant in only four months.
  • Which steps needed to be taken by both teams from KPMG and Refresco to guarantee implementation on time .
  • Why Refresco chose Planon’s lease accounting software solution to meet its individual needs.

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