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Cooperation, co-creation and teamwork - across culture and borders, in a diverse and hybrid environment

Success doesn’t always come easy. In our eyes, cooperation, co-creation and teamwork across cultures and borders are all essential recipes for succeeding in both the short and long term. Here at Planon, we take ownership of achieving the best outcome possible for users, customers and partners, as well as ourselves. 

"As a woman who wears a scarf, I feel secure and that I have been accepted as who I am. Working in a non-discriminating company makes me feel safe and motivates me to work harder. I would recommend Planon to other students who seek personal and professional freedom, along with cultural and religious freedom."

Zil-E-Huma Abbasi - Marketing Operations

Colleagues discussing real estate management software

En mer engagerande arbetsplats inom räckhåll

Det här blogginlägget handlar om hur smart arbetsplatsteknik kan öka företagets motståndskraft och medarbetarnas engagemang.

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People having a group discussion around a meeting table about workplace management.

8 sätt för HR att förbättra hybridarbete

I det här blogginlägget diskuterar vi Planons perspektiv på HR-rollen, våra erfarenheter, vår inriktning och våra tankar kring en hybridarbetsmodell.

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Young people around an office desk.

"En storlek passar en" på den nya arbetsplatsen

En storlek passar inte alla: I detta blogginlägg belyser vi betydelsen av att stimulera samarbete och arbete i team.

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